Meditation Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

Meditation Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

Interested in reviving your soul with the spiritual practice of yoga?

Meditation is an art of looking at the mind objectively. This means to know that we are not only the mind and the thoughts in the mind but there is a substance behind the thoughts illumines the mind. Like a screen and the projection on the screen. The screen is not touched neither effected by the projection. The screen is just there reflecting the projection without getting effected by the projection. In the same way the world and situations create emotions that are projected on the mind.

Due to these projections the mind is affected. When the mind is affected there is an increase of stress in our mind. This leads to health issues. The art of meditation teaches us to look at the situations objectively and know that we are something more than the mind or thoughts. There is something more beyond the mind that illumes the mind.

History of the vast science of Yoga and Meditation.
Science of the Mind field
Anatomy Physiology of the Body
Different methods of Sitting in meditation according to the Yogic tradition
Different methods of mediation from the Vedic, Yogic , Tantric , Zen and Buddhist traditions
Yoga Nidra ( Deep Sleep Awareness )
Pranayama ( Breathing practices )
Building up a daily routine to meditate
How to guide a meditation practice for a personal and big group

The art of meditation teaches us how to cultivate and realize this method of managing the mind. Meditation is the elixir of the mind. Meditation is considered to be the most powerful tool in the field of yoga to connect within and also to experience the union with reality as yoga talks about. This meditative awareness or observation becomes the central thread or core practice of all eight limbs of yoga.

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Coures Date Course Name Amount
1st to 14th March 14 Days Retreat $600
1st to 14th April 14 Days Retreat $600
1st to 14th May 14 Days Retreat $600
1st to 14th June 14 Days Retreat $600
1st to 14th July 14 Days Retreat $600