Meditation Teacher Training In India

Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation teacher training in India is a program suited for the beginners and intermediates. This involves a detailed study of the ways and the process along with the methods taught in such a way which enables the enrolled person to be able to impart knowledge of the Nidra further. The purpose of the Meditation teacher training in Rishikesh is majorly to get in touch with your inner self which is attained by a semi awake state of the body and the mind. The format and sequencing of the practices for the entire day of the training program help us open the sources of our well-being, happiness and also the purpose for life, reducing tensions, stress,anxiety, balancing the emotions and experience a deeper rest altogether.
Meditation Teacher Training is a medium to interact with your inner self. We all have some questions buried deep within us the answers to which we do not know. This incapability of not being able to find the cause of a certain thing boggles the mind to an extent that the inner peace and happiness is compromised, creating unpleasant feelings at times which might target the wrong people at the oddest hour. For an overall well being it is imparted that the body and the soul is united.
In Your 28 Days Residential Meditation Teacher Training Certification with us will help you to gain a deeper insight of Meditation knowledge in form of practice, yogic philosophy, Anatomy- physiology, teaching methodology and experience embodied in the ancient Indian Vedic texts.
It’s a complete course in the theory, science, self-practice and teaching various techniques of meditation designed to prepare individuals to deliver professional meditation instructions to their clients, patients, family, and the general public.

This course- Meditation teacher training covers Yoga nidra, Classical and temporary meditational practices, asanas, pranayamas, mantra chanting in groups, kirtans. To enhance the experience, meditative excursions are also made a part, with meditation in natural locations like caves and mountains under proper guidance and surveillance of the mentor/teacher. Learning in such a joyous and playful environment makes the experience worthy of attending by every bit. It not only is learning but also a systematic method in developing inner awareness and being close to nature becomes a doorway to this meditative state. In totality if one asks you it is an overall treat to the body, the mind and the soul. You can never regret for choosing something that benefits you in all possible ways. If money makes you wealthy, Meditation makes you wiser. It helps you master the key elements that make you happy and healthy. The spiritual endeavours always involve gaining real wisdom for life which can be applied directly to the ways of life or the ways of living and see a drastic change within onself.

All Courses Idea

Prices For All Lesson Type
Coures Date Course Name Amount
1st to 28th March 28 Days Retreat $1250
1st to 28th April 28 Days Retreat $1250
1st to 28th May 28 Days Retreat $1250
1st to 28th June 28 Days Retreat $1250
1st to 28th July 28 Days Retreat $1250